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A project to help entrepreneurs with situational depression
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Entrepreneur Depression(ENTDEP) is a venture started in September 2015 by Steve Kantor  of Lifebushido after he began to emerge from his first-ever situational depression. ENTDEP seeks to help entrepreneurs with depression by providing resources and support groups of Lifebushido Triangles. The initial focus will be entrepreneurs who are experiencing their first situational depression, with age range of 30-60 and likely married with kids.


Resources will be provided via links from website to articles, blogs, people, organizations, apps, and tools. We will post articles and blog posts from entrepreneurs who have had depression. We will provide connections to people and organizations which are most relevant for entrepreneurs. We will post stories from entrepreneurs. We will curate the best apps and the best simple manual tools or checklists.

Lifebushido Triangle

We will create support groups of a Lifebushido Triangle of three entrepreneurs with depression who are organized into Circles of three Triangles led by a peer-support fellow entrepreneur who has been through situational depression and is safely on the other side with life going well.

Triangles will communicate with a Daily Triangle email among the three members with a focus on daily habits and goals. This is a form of Behavioral Activation therapy which has been shown to be more effective than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT. All Triangle emails are copied to the Circle Leader.

On a weekly basis, the Triangle meets for a 60 minute conference call with a very specific agenda of Triangle Updates, Weekly Points (based on Daily Activity Habits), and a presentation by one member for 20 minutes. If the Triangle is in the same city, they also optionally meet monthly for 2-3 hours and share a meal together.

When I became depressed for first time in my life, the biggest help came from fellow entrepreneurs who helped me through a very hard three months.  Among my family and friends, they understood my unique situation and business/financial and self-worth issues in a way that other friends could not.  I spoke to so many entrepreneurs who have had depression and did not have anyone to turn to or a resource that understood an entrepreneur.  On a whim, I googled Entrepreneur Depression, founds lots of articles, and the domain was available.  Like a typical entrepreneur, within 24 hours, I had started a new company Entrepreneur Depression and this website was live.  How can we help you? 

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