Invest an hour every week to develop your emotional well-being. 

Exercise 1 - Increase Your Self Esteem Through Positive Affirmations


1. Listen to a song specific to self-esteem/image (ex: "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera).
2.  Write about 3 things you identify with in the song.
3.  Read about affirmations.  
4.  Write in your own words what positive affirmations are.
5. Come up with 5 positive affirmations to say to yourself twice per day.  Tape it to your mirror in the bathroom or the refrigerator.
6.  Say affirmations to yourself as soon as your get up and when you go to sleep.
7. After one week, journal your thoughts on positive affirmations.

Exercise 2 - Self Assess Your Mental Health

Self assess your mental health each and every Sunday using one of the following questionnaires. 

Mindoula's Mental Health Assessment

"The M3 Screen is a mental health assessment designed to uncover the likelihood that someone has Depression, Anxiety, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or Bipolar Disorder. Over one million people have taken this screening test and begun their journey towards better mental health."

Patient Health Questionnaire - PHQ-9

"This easy to use patient questionnaire is a self-administered version of the PRIME-MD diagnostic instrument for common mental disorders."‚Äč

Exercise 3 -Written Goals

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Entrepreneur Depression

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